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private – Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVIE (type 361) G-MXVI / 9N-B / TE184 The Flying Bulls – North American T-28B Trojan OE-ESA Germany - Air Force – VFW-Fokker CH-53GA 84+50 Czech - Air Force – Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF 7705 Czech - Air Force – Sukhoi Su-22 M-4 Fitter 4006 Czechoslovakia - Air Force – Sukhoi Su-7BKL Fitter-A 6513 Fundacja Biało-Czerwone Skrzydła – PZL-Mielec An-2T SP-KBA LOM Praha - CLV – Let L-410UVP Turbolet  0731
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Central Charter Airlines – Boeing B737-31S OK-CCA Belarus - Air Force – Sukhoi Su-27UBM 63 BLUE Russian-VVS – Sukhoi Su-30K Flancer 69 Switzerland - Air Force – McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet J-5017

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